5 Serious Complications from Impacted Wisdom Teeth

The very last molars at the back of the mouth are called “wisdom teeth” because they tend to emerge much later than other teeth, typically in the late teens or early 20’s. Some scientists believe that these late-blooming teeth exist because our ancient ancestors had longer skulls and jawbones that could accommodate the extra teeth. Continue Reading >>

When is the Right Time for a Gum Graft?

Nothing feels worse than being self-conscious about your smile. More often than not, gum recession can lead to a loss in smile confidence. Gum recession (also known as “gingival recession”) refers to the loss of gum tissue along the gumline. Gum loss can make your gums appear uneven or unhealthy depending on how severe the Continue Reading >>

How Stem Cell Therapy is Revolutionizing Periodontistry

Consider the following scenario: treatment innovations have led to the discovery of a scientifically-proven method that increases your body’s own healing capabilities while decreasing the risk of post-operative complications. This method not only helps improve healing outcomes, but doesn’t require any medicines, chemicals, or donor cells. Does this type of innovation seem too good to Continue Reading >>

The True Toll of Gum Disease on Your Dental Health

It seems like everyone in Los Angeles is concerned with having a bright smile, but good oral health is equally important as a beautiful smile. Although it’s generally understood that poor dental care can lead to cavities, there are more serious health problems that can result from poor oral hygiene. If you don’t take proper Continue Reading >>

Avoid These 3 Mistakes to Prevent a Dry Socket

From baby teeth to wisdom teeth, the evolution of our teeth marks the journey from being an infant to becoming an adult. And while tooth loss is a normal part of childhood, adult tooth loss in Los Angeles is usually caused by decay, injury, and/or impacted wisdom teeth. Your teeth are made up of two Continue Reading >>

When It’s Time to Let Go of a Tooth

No adult wants to lose a tooth, but sometimes an extraction is the only choice to preserve both oral and general health. Infected teeth and gums are not only a problem themselves, but they can create a cascade of health issues. The bacterial infection can spread to other teeth, and even to the rest of Continue Reading >>

5 Tips for a Fast and Easy Post-Gum Graft Recovery

Healthy gum tissue is essential to oral health in Los Angeles. Our gums help hold our teeth in place and protect the roots from trauma and bacteria. Receding gums can be caused by a variety of factors, including periodontal disease, aging, jawbone loss, poor dental hygiene, and trauma (sometimes due to aggressive brushing). Recessed gums Continue Reading >>

The Truth About How You May Be Causing Your Gum Recession

If you’ve noticed that your teeth somehow look longer or your gum line has become uneven, you may be suffering from a common problem called gum recession, or gingival recession. The gums, also known as gingival tissue, are supposed to firmly surround the lower portion of the teeth to protect the sensitive roots and jaw Continue Reading >>

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