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Gum depigmentation is a cosmetic periodontal procedure used to remove dark spots on the gums. While the normal tissue color is pale pink, abnormally high amounts of melanin can cause dark spots and patches to appear on the tissue. This discoloration can affect the appearance of your smile and result in decreased confidence and self-esteem.  At the CENTER for Advanced Periodontal and Implant Therapy, our periodontal specialists assist in various areas and periodontal treatments in the Los Angeles community.  If you desire more attractive gums that will have you showing off your full beautiful smile, schedule a consultation with one of our expert periodontists today!

Treating Discoloration

Los Angeles periodontists Dr. Alexandre Aalam and Dr. Alina Krivitsky perform gum depigmentation as part of their commitment to helping patients achieve the healthy, aesthetically pleasing smiles they desire in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

A variety of techniques exists to remove gum pigmentation, also known as black gums. Some doctors utilize chemical agents or bleaching solutions. Because this method of treatment does not remove the structures causing the overproduction of melanin, a higher likelihood exists that the dark gums will recur than with surgical methods. For this reason, our LA periodontists utilize an advanced surgical method of gum depigmentation.

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Gum Surgery

Each a professor at the USC School of Dentistry, Dr. Aalam and Dr. Krivitsky possess unique expertise in periodontal corrective treatments. Utilizing only the most cutting-edge equipment available, we perform a state-of-the-art microdermabrasion technique to remove the pigmented area and reveal the healthy, lighter-colored tissue beneath. One of the benefits of this form of treatment is that it affords the periodontist higher accuracy and control in removing pigmentation. Most patients achieve a great outcome of lighter, more attractive gums after surgery.

Post Surgery Recovery

After undergoing gum depigmentation, patients may experience some discomfort and sensitivity in the gums. However, most people find that over-the-counter pain medications offer effective relief. The rate of success for this periodontal treatment is very high, and most patients achieve the more attractive, lighter-looking smile they desire. Our goal is to ensure all patients enjoy a gentle and painless dental experience.

Gum Microdermabrasion Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know if I’m suffering from gum pigmentation?

A: Gum pigmentation manifests differently for every patient. Some people notice small, dark spots on the gums, while others experience vast black or brown patches.

Los Angeles Gum Depigmentation

Q: Are dark gums a medical problem?

A: While pigmentation is not medically dangerous, many patients feel that the condition is aesthetically displeasing. Gum depigmentation can help you achieve the healthy-looking smile you desire.

Q: What will my gums look like after this periodontal surgery?

A: After undergoing gum depigmentation, most patients find that their gums are lighter and more consistent in color, without dark spots or patches.

Q: What causes dark gums?

A: A number of factors can contribute to gum pigmentation including genetics, poor dental hygiene and smoking. Although anyone can suffer from gum pigmentation, people with darker skin tend to have a greater risk of experiencing melanin buildup. Certain medication also contribute to gum pigmentation.

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The only two board-certified periodontists in Brentwood, Dr. Aalam and Dr. Krivitsky believe that all patients deserve to have healthy, attractive-looking teeth and gums. As part of their commitment to providing people with gentle, affordable and pain-free periodontal care in the Los Angeles area, they offer effective procedures for gum depigmentation.

If you’re interested in a cosmetic periodontal procedure, don’t hesitate to contact us online for a consultation in Los Angeles and you can have the beautiful smile you have always wanted!

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