Cosmetic Periodontal Treatments

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Los Angeles periodontists Dr. Aalam and Dr. Krivitsky offer the highest quality cosmetic periodontal treatments and procedures to improve patients’ oral health as well as their overall appearance.  Cosmetic periodontal services at the CENTER for Advanced Periodontal & Implant Therapy are a popular and proven way to acquire a new and beautiful smile.  Many patients, when they initially come to our expert periodontal specialists for periodontal services in Brentwood, are unaware of the cosmetic improvements that our services provide.

Cosmetic Periodontal Treatments

Our procedures are designed to help you reach and maintain maximum oral health, while also providing the smile-enhancing techniques that organically come with the cosmetic periodontal procedures.  Our Los Angeles periodontists offer a number of innovative periodontal procedures that not only help beautify your smile, but also keep teeth and gums in good working order.

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Patients may not realize that Dr. Aalam and Dr. Krivitsky perform many procedures to enhance the attractiveness of teeth.  As board-certified periodontists, Dr. Aalam and Dr. Krivitsky work with patients to help them achieve their most attractive and healthiest smiles.

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Brentwood Tooth Implants Procedure

Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth and offer a number of cosmetic and functional benefits.  When replacing a tooth with a dental implant, due to decay or absence, your teeth immediately transform into a more natural and consistent smile.  Dental implants increase your oral health, as well as your appearance. Although dentists can and do place implants, periodontists have the education and experience needed to place beautiful dental implants while also protecting and preserving your oral health.

Brentwood Cosmetic Periodontal Procedures

Gum depigmentation is used by periodontists to lighten up dark spots on patients’ gums.  Using a microdermabrasion-like technique, Dr. Aalam or Dr. Krivitsky can lighten your gums safely and without any pain.  With more beautiful looking gums, you will always want to show off your full smile!

Gum grafts provide cosmetic and oral health improvements when preformed by your expert board-certified periodontists. Trauma and periodontal disease can alter your gum line, making it appear unattractively thin or uneven.  Our Los Angeles periodontists will help to align your gum line appropriately with your teeth, creating a healthier, more attractive result.

Brentwood Gumline Surgical Procedure

Crown lengthening is offered by our cosmetic periodontists to correct an overly “gummy” smile.  During a crown lengthening, your expert periodontists will remove excess gum tissue to expose more of the tooth and create a wider, fuller smile.  Along with your more natural looking grin, you will also have added functional benefits from the crown lengthening treatment.  In some instances a tooth is too short to allow proper crown placement; exposing more of the tooth can help resolve this issue.  Crown lengthening also helps if cavities stretch into the gum tissue, and makes it easier to maintain better dental health and hygiene as a result.

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The CENTER for Advanced Periodontal & Implant Therapy offers various cosmetic periodontal services including dental implants, aesthetic crown lengthening and gum depigmentation. Feel free to call (310) 299-8329 for more information on the cosmetic benefits of cosmetic periodontal treatments or to schedule an appointment with a LA periodontist.

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