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Aesthetic crown lengthening is a cutting-edge periodontal technique that can be used to improve a gummy smile. A gummy smile may be caused by teeth that look short and stubby as a result of the gum tissue partly covering the teeth, due to either genetics, gum inflammation, or gingivitis. At their Brentwood office, Dr. Aalam and Dr. Krivitsky perform aesthetic crown lengthening to provide their patients with a fuller smile.

During a gum reduction surgery, excess gum tissue is removed to reshape the outline of the gums and improve the gum-line. Exposing the teeth helps create a fuller, more attractive smile. The same procedure can also be done to create a more aesthetic gum line for dental crowns and other restorative periodontal procedures.

Who is a Candidate for Crown Lengthening?

Good candidates for aesthetic crown lengthening are patients who are in overall good health and have healthy gums, but are concerned with their “gummy smile.” If you have teeth that look “short” or if you are hesitant to smile due to your excess gums, you may be a candidate for this procedure.

Brentwood Gummy Smile Correction

What is Involved with the Gummy Smile Procedure?

Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure that involves reducing the height of the gum line and, in some cases, modifying the underlying bone around one or more teeth. Crown lengthening is normally performed under local anesthetic and IV sedation. The duration of the procedure will depend on how many teeth are being treated and if any amount of bone needs to be removed along with the soft tissue.

Once our periodontal specialists achieve an aesthetically pleasing crown length, the treated area is cleaned and the gum tissue is sutured with small stitches.

What to Expect During Recovery

Due to the IV sedation benefits and the medication prescribed after the procedure, recovery from aesthetic crown lengthening is usually very easy and smooth. Typically, patients will be asked to ice the area for 24 hours and to take a light anti-inflammatory for few days. A custom post-operative regimen will be given to patients based on their personal treatment needs.

During the first few days after the procedure, Dr. Aalam and Dr. Krivitsky recommend that patients avoid hot and spicy foods as well as strenuous activities (such as going to the gym or lifting weights).

Los Angeles Gummy Smile Correction


Q: What is aesthetic crown lengthening?

A: Crown lengthening is a procedure where gum tissue and/or the bone surrounding a tooth is removed in order to expose more of the tooth’s crown (the visible portion of the tooth).

Q: Why is crown lengthening recommended?

A: Crown lengthening can be recommended for several reasons: 1) for an aesthetically-pleasing smile, 2) to expose more of the tooth in order for your dentist to place a crown, 3) to expose an area of decay below the gum line in order to perform a filling. Learn more about the crown lengthening procedure at

Q: When correcting my gummy smile, why should I choose aesthetic crown lengthening over Botox?

A: Aesthetic crown lengthening and Botox have different indication bases on the proper diagnosis of why you have a gummy smile.

Botox treats gummy smiles that are related to a very strong upper lip muscle displaying the gums (known as “hyperactive lip”). Botox will neutralize the lip muscle and let it drape down, covering the teeth in the process. This usually must be repeated every six months, unless you decide to have Dr. Aalam or Dr. Krivitsky surgically correct the lip position with a simple and painless in-office procedure (surgical lip repositioning).

Aesthetic crown lengthening treats gummy smile that are caused by short teeth that are covered by too much gums.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Aalam and Dr. Krivitsky will determine the cause of your gummy smile and decide on the most cost-effective and risk-effective way to treat it.

Q: How long will I feel pain after my surgery?

A: For most patients, there may be some discomfort for 2-3 days following their crown lengthening surgery, which can be managed with aspirin-free oral pain medication.

Q: How soon can I resume work?

A: Typically, you will be able to return to work after one or two days after your procedure. It is recommended to avoid heavy lifting or working out for at least 3-4 days to allow your body to heal.

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If you have a gummy smile that’s affecting your self-esteem, you might be a candidate for aesthetic crown lengthening. Dr. Aalam and Dr. Krivitsky are experts in this dental procedure, so contact our Brentwood offices today to schedule a consultation!

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